Missy Sitty
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woke up late today made me feel really good
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today was my last day in my creative writing class and my teacher gave everybody a piece of paper to write down a contract and to put it in our wallets. she said she did the same thing when she was younger and every now and then she’d brush by it and remember that she wanted to write. everybody took time to write out what they wanted and I just sat at the back of the class, sitting on the windowsill and I knew there was only one thing to write but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. at the end of the class after everybody left, I went to thank her for the year, and she told me that people should be reading my words for a long time, but they won’t be able to do that if I’m not around to write them. I showed her the blank piece of paper, and she said it was okay not to write anything, and then I wrote this. I learned the power of words in that class, I learned it was okay to vomit up half a dozen notebooks stained with blood and exploded pens because it means you have something to say.

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this is so amazing


parents : you can’t have any problems you are just a teenager

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We usually fall asleep texting each other in our own beds, I can’t help but imagine us together in the same bed…
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Deaf Havana by AlreadyHeard on Flickr.
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15 year old me man
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Buy them some proper Doc Martens?
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"She was what we used to call a suicide blonde - dyed by her own hand"
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To be honest, the book isn’t that great
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There’s an island in Japan, Miyajima, where deer roam free by the hundreds. This one was silently walking around with this kid for a few hours

you’re also not allowed to be born, or to die, on Miyajima island
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In 1983 a man was tested to see if he could sense god if all his senses were taken away. Every sense nerve in his brain was disconnected. He could not feel, hear, see or smell. He began reporting he could hear the voices of the dead and gave precise details that he could have not known. He then said he could see them and began clawing at his eyes, it turned to screaming and biting chunks of his flesh off. His last words were “I have spoken with God, and he has abandoned us” and died.

this is terrifying