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life hack: be nice to people with a pool at their house

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sewed my patch onto my dress :)
"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations."(via a—failure)

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my best friend is an atheist, but whenever she is comforting me with something in my life she uses examples of God to help me because she knows it makes me feel better, and vice versa, when i comfort her i never bring up God because i respect that it’s not something that helps or works for her

i feel like this is a model of how the world should work

that is perfect

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I’m getting frustrated because I’m crying for no reason, again.

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I don’t know, one minute I have everything in the world to say and the next I’m just speechless, it was all surreal. It feels so good to be able to look at this and be like “I was there and I took the picture”. I still remember the first day I found you all and here I am, having a post concert depression from the actual band. Matty was the sweetest person and I am so glad I was at Watson at that very hour. Who would have thought that? It was a bonus and I was lucky. It was crazy for the first few minutes with everyone pushing around but other than that, the concert was amazing, the music, the sound, the atmosphere, the view especially, perfection. You guys were amazing each and everyone of you, Adam, George, Ross, John and of course Matty. See you guys soon

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Sooooooo I met Matt Healy at watson 8 hours before concert (and he said he love my top godamn) http://instagram.com/p/qvT7o-LCg_/